Coming home


World War 1-arrangement 

2 or 4 nights.
  • 2 or 4 times a delicous breakfast.
  • 1 lunch package.
  • Map with marked walk.
  • Notebook with some testimonials from the people's book " of the great war " and hiking info.
  • Beautiful drawning by artist Eva Devriendt about the testimonies.
  • Discount card(Westhoekvoordeelpas).



by person for 2 nights.


by person for 4 nights.

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If you need a  little bit of peace and quiet and some time to think; if you love good food, ranging from honest local cuisine to the gastronomic; if you want te escape for a while from the hurly-burly of television and radio, but still want to acces to wireless internet; if you are charmed by the purity of an unspoilt, almost Tucany-like landscape; if you want to admire the beauty of a starlit sky, unmarred by the pollution of the city......If you want one or all these things, come and relax with us.

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